Referendum vote results – “YES”

The results of the referendum held on Thursday 17th August 2017 were as follows

“Yes”  834 votes (97.2%)

“No”  21 votes (2.4%

There were 3 invalid votes (0.34%)

There were a total of 858 votes cast which is 46.38% of those entitled to vote.


This means that from now until 2030 all future planning applications in Goostrey Parish will be decided taking into consideration the policies of the Neighbourhood Plan.


Once again, a big thank you to everyone in the Parish who helped to prepare the plan.

Thursday 17th August is VOTING DAY!

Tomorrow (Thursday 17th) is your chance to have a say on whether or not the Goostrey Neighbourhood Plan should be used in helping to decide the future outcome of planning applications in Goostrey.

The poll station will be at the new scout hut and will be open from 7am – 10pm.  Please use your vote!

Thank you.

Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

The Examiner has completed his review and has recommended that the Plan now proceeds to Referendum.  He has requested a few minor changes, which we have made.  The plan, on which you will be invited to vote, can be read here.  There will also be paper copies available for inspection from 3rd July in the Parish Office  (01477 535825).

The date for the Referendum is Thursday 17th August.  All residents of Goostrey Parish who are on the Electoral Register will be able to vote.  There will be a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question which will be:

‘Do you want Cheshire East Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Goostrey to help it decide Planning Applications in the Neighbourhood Area?’

The Neighbourhood Plan will only be adopted or ‘made’ if more people vote ‘yes’ than ‘no’.  If the Plan is adopted it will run until 2030.  It will aim to deliver the Vision via a set of Policies which reflect the views expressed by residents.  Please see below.

The Parish Council encourage you to vote, but if you cannot vote in person on the day, please consider applying for a Postal Vote or a Proxy Vote by doing a Google search for “Apply for a Postal Vote”.  This must be done by 31st July.


Neighbourhood Plan moves to Regulation 17 Examination

The consultation phases are now complete and the plan has been sent by Cheshire East to an independent Examiner for review.  As part of this review the Examiner will make an unaccompanied visit to the parish and he will decide whether or not a public hearing is necessary before issuing his report.

Cheshire East starts Regulation 16 Consultation

On March 6th 2017 Cheshire East Council started the 6 week Regulation 15/16 consultation period.  The documents can be found here.   Any representations can be submitted to Cheshire East Council here before 17th April 2017.  After this stage the Plan will be sent to an independent examiner prior to the referendum.

If you have any questions or comments which you would like to send to the Neighbourhood Plan Team please use the Contact Us page here.

Goostrey Neighbourhood Plan Approved by Parish Council

On Tuesday 28th February at an extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council, the Councillors unanimously approved the Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents for submission to Cheshire East Council.

They were safely delivered to the Planning Office this afternoon ready to start the next stage which is another formal 6 week consultation period, this time run by Cheshire East.  This will hopefully start very soon, at which time we will be able to post links to the CEC consultation site and to all the documents.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far!!!

Goostrey Neighbourhood Plan Update

The 6 week consultation period for the Regulation 14 version of the Goostrey Neighbourhood Plan has now closed and we would like to thank everyone who submitted comments, including residents, statutory consultees and developers.  The team are now reviewing all the input received, together with the recent Secretary of State decision on the Appeal in Goostrey, to determine where the plan needs modification.  Following this, a revised plan will be produced for submission to Cheshire East Council (Regulation 15/16) which will then undergo a further 6 week consultation period, followed by a review by an independent examiner.   The final stage will be a referendum, during 2017, for all those on the Electoral Roll in Goostrey.   It sounds like a long process, but it is similar to parliamentary legislation and the rules are laid down by the UK Government to ensure the final document is robust.

Cheshire East Council expect the overall Local Plan to be approved in 2017, so we are running in parallel with their process.  When both Plans are “made” there will be a much better basis for decision making for future developments.

Our regulartion 14 consultation period is nearly over

We hope that everyone has had an opportunity to read our draft neighbourhood plan and village design statement.  If you have any comments and have not yet let us have them please remember the deadline is 9am on Monday morning.

Click here for links to all the relevant documents and our online survey.

Please don’t rely on someone else telling us what is important to you!

Regulation 14 Consultation

Regulation 14 Consultation

It’s here at last!

We have written a Plan and we have a Village Design Statement to go with it.  We are now asking for comments before we submit them to Cheshire East for the final consultation process.  Please do take time to read them, and let us know what you think.

Click here for our Reg 14 page which has more information, links to the documents and to the online survey.  The consultation period closes at 9am on Monday 28th November.

We have organised a drop in session on Saturday 5th November from 10am – 12.30pm in the Village Hall in case you have any questions.

What are the NP team doing?

The team was sad to lose Cyril Caulkin from the team in March and we would like to acknowledge his enthusiastic and positive support.  We are now very fortunate to have 2 new members of the Steering Group, Neil Beckham and Councillor Andrew Kolker both residents of Goostrey.  Together we have taken some further steps forward since the last update:

  • Landscape and Settlement Character Assessment:  This report is near completion and includes an “as is” description of the Goostrey landscape and architectural styles in the village and parish.  Many thanks to everyone who collected information and took photographs for this which is much appreciated.  E*Scape and PGLA, who prepared the report, have also included maps of the most important views, ‘green fingers’, ‘settlement separations’ and historic areas which we will be seeking to retain as part of the Neighbourhood Plan.   We have selected E*Scape to extend the work to provide a ‘Village Design Statement’.  This will guide future developments in the types of materials to be used, style and appearance so that new buildings accord with the existing vernacular in different parts of the village.
  • Wildlife: Cheshire Wildlife Trust have completed a report on Goostrey Parish which includes areas of ‘priority habitat’, ‘wildlife corridors’ and ‘protected sites for nature conservation’ which will guide us on the areas to be retained and enhanced.
  • Listed and Unlisted Buildings:  Goostrey has 18 listed historic buildings and other structures, including the Grade I Sir Bernard Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank (which is also on the UK shortlist for UNESCO World Heritage status).   There is also a Scheduled Ancient Monument (a ‘bowl barrow’) just south of Jodrell Bank Farm.  This bronze age burial work could be as old as 2400-1500 BC, almost as old as the Egyptian Pyramids!  It’s strange to think that the neighbouring telescope is looking back in time to well before the barrow was constructed!  We have plotted all of these on our map as they all have statutory protection.   We have also started to add ‘unlisted’ heritage buildings that should also be preserved.  If anyone would like to send us details of buildings to be considered for this list, then please do send us information about its construction date, a photograph and its location.
  • Potential Sites:  Following a 6 week ‘Call for Sites’ we have now created a map of all proposed sites, including those that are recorded in the Cheshire East Council (CEC) ‘Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment’ and their ‘Assessment of the Urban Potential and Edge of Settlement Study’.  We ran a 6 week consultation on the ‘Site Assessment and Selection Methodology’ and this has now been agreed by the Parish Council.  We are currently seeking input from Jodrell Bank on which areas would cause the most radio interference to ensure that we take their views into consideration.  A formal request has also been made to CEC for a ‘Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Opinion’, this is a statutory requirement to determine the likelihood of any environmental constraints on potential sites.  Based on all these factors, our intention is to propose sites for incorporation into the draft plan for consultation.
  • Objectives and Policies: We have carried out some further updating of these to take account of comments we’ve received from CEC as well as from the authors of the above reports.  We will continue to refine them over the coming months.

The formal examination of the latest version of the CEC ‘Local Plan’ is going to re-start in September and we are keeping a close eye on this, as our Neighbourhood Plan needs to be in alignment.   Depending on progress on this and the remaining tasks we are hoping to have the ‘pre-consultation’ version of the Neighbourhood Plan ready to share in the late Autumn of this year.

Lastly we are always interested in photos of Goostrey which we could use in the Neighbourhood Plan, so do send them to us ( and we will also publish them on the website.